PurpleCarrot Nutrition is a food and nutrition consultancy focusing on supporting health and wellbeing through a balanced and nutritious diet. 

PurpleCarrot Nutrition was founded by Pilar Manzanaro, a registered Nutritional Therapist (BCNH, BANT, CNHC), to run workshops that offer a unique combination of nutrition and hands-on cooking for adults and little ones.  

Pilar also runs a busy private practice specializing in women’s health including hormonal balance, weight loss, fertility,pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as children’s health and family nutrition.  

Paula Quest joined Pilar shortly after PurpleCarrot launched and is in charge of recipe research and, as a nutritional specialist, continues to surprise us with amazing and easy dishes that are incredibly nutritious and that both children and grown-ups love!

Pilar and Paula each have three young children and as parents have a special interest in children’s nutrition especially weaning which is why they are so excited about their collaboration with Béaba